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Lewsey Farm Learning Centre Trust is a registered charity number 1107130 and a company limited by guarantee established on 11th April 2002. It was established to provide vocational skills training which will enable the local communities in Lewsey and surrounding areas to access the relevant skills leading to employment or further education.  The skills gained will also help to regenerate the local economy.

In the last 14 years of establishment, the Centre has successfully supported over one thousand local people to access employability training which has helped these individuals to progress in life. The Trust has got a proven track record of developing individuals through high-quality vocational training, education and coaching which helped the less privileged to fulfil their ambitions.

We have been privileged to enjoy the generosity of many charitable organisations and the Local Authority through the grants received in the development of our work for the benefit of the local community. We have successfully delivered projects that have helped adults and young people to work or make them to be better citizens, and supported by European Social Fund, Single Regeneration Budget, Big Lotteries Fund, Lloyds TSB Foundation, Lankelly Foundation and Luton Borough Council. As a Resource Centre, we work in partnership with schools, colleges, professional trainers and other community organisations to raise educational standards and quality of life for the community.

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