African Caribbean Carers Support Group

The African Caribbean Carers Support Group has been established to support African and Caribbean Informal Carers.  The aim is to hold regular meetings and provide a specialised information service that focuses on specific issues associated with African and Caribbean Carers.

Who is an Informal Carer?
A Carer is a person who cares for a relative, partner or friend, or for a child with a disability.  Many people who care do not identify themselves as Carers, and therefore they carry on unaware of the support available to them. Included are Young Carers (carers who are under the age of 18).

The service will aim to provide accurate, relevant information about issues affecting carers.  It will also direct carers to appropriate services.  Many carers will need some advice or information for which there will be an information pack.

The following outcomes have been achieved:
Raising Awareness of better understanding of Alzheimer & Dementia, Coffee Mornings, Health Checks, we offer training sessions of Cook & Eat, Carers Rights Event Day, Carers Week Event, Personal Development for carers, produced a Carers leaflet, Recipe Booklet, Networking, Advocacy.

Coffee Mornings
Coffee Mornings are held every Tuesday from 10.30am – 1.00pm. During coffee mornings carers will be able to access coffee mornings and drop in sessions where their needs can be assessed.

Carers Week Event
Carers Week Event took place on Friday 13 June 2014.  It was the highlight of the month and 63 people attended.  Councillor Dave Taylor from LBC spoke and was well received.

• 310 Carers have been reached.
• Approximately 28 new Carers identified.
• 32 coffee mornings have been organised to date.
• NEEDS: 42 referrals made so far to relevant Agencies

These include Disability Resource, Alzheimer’s Group, Dementia, Luncheon Clubs, Network, Mentorship and Training Advice, Bereavement Counselling.

Thanks to the carers, LLAL for providing the funding for the Carers Group and Lewsey Learning Centre for their contribution to the project.