Skills Training for No English Speaking -Awards for All

The project was enabled to communicate with migrants and refugees struggle to integrate, socially isolated and incredibly hard to find employment. The participants have access to employability skills training, improve language and IT skills, job searching, learning the language needed to read and complete applications, CV writing and interview skills. The project has developed the confidence to take strategic steps to make changes in their life and a better understanding of personal style and impact. The participants had potential opportunity to take part in work placement and most of them never had work experience in the past. The project has been most successful. Most of the participants were women and transformed their lives.

The outcome of the project;

  • The project has helped migrants and refugees to actively participate in social well-being of the individual, families and wider communities and impact on community cohesion.
  • Explore the wider benefits of adult and community learning in relation to health, well-being, social cohesion, involvement with the local organisation through work experience and sharing and learning as one community.
  • Review the ways in which looking for jobs and valuable work experience by taking part in work placements with local employers.
  • A quick transition into a new job or the skills and confidence to continue looking for work on their own.

We have reached 29 in total. We would like to thank Award for all for their generosity.

This project was funded by The Learning Partnership.

The key objectives were to;

  • Provide advice, guidance and support to enable people to develop active and continuous job search approaches.
  • Actively promote the benefits of participating in learning
  • Improve the availability of initial information, advice, guidance (IAG) and maintain support to keep people in learning and increase opportunities to progress into further learning and employment.

Many local people have benefited from this project.