English for Health

Wendy Austin

I Achieved up to date information which I can take back to my workplace and have as a reference if needed in the future.

Kayleigh Darby
This course has given me more confidence when dealing with a range of issues, which has been brilliant as someone new to family work. Both tutors were obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject which was inspiring and great to listen to.

Monica Stanford
The cooking was fun I liked eating all the different fruits and vegetables as my Mum doesn’t cook with most of those things at home. I liked playing with the food and taking funny pictures. The smoothies were really nice and I went back for seconds and sometimes thirds. The pizza was a bit spicy as Chef Tony put too much pepper on it. The noodle soup was really tasty and I went back for more.

Damilola Fasinno
I liked being outside gardening. It was hard working with the tools as the ground was very hard, so we couldn’t dig much. I went home early as my brother cut his finger and our mum had come to pick us up.