Getting to say yes


Last year one of the main objectives was successfully fulfilled by running Employability and Career development courses. This initiative was funded by Learning Partnership through European Social Funding and Skills Funding Agency under Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Community Fund (NLDC) programme.

We were engaged with 56 learners on this project. The Employability skills (NCFE Level 2) and Career Development ( NCFC Level 3) courses were delivered by Dupigny Consulting; food safety awareness in Catering (CIEH Level 2) course was delivered by Hygiene First

The outcomes of this project are: Four delegates have obtained jobs; three people have started their own business. And other results are;

  • A Better understanding of personal style and impact.
  • Develop the confidence to take strategic steps to make changes in their life.

Case Study – Getting to Say Yes

Vickie was a housewife who wanted to boost her confidence and self-esteem and work towards developing a career.

After suffering from severe depression she “needed a way out” and decided to enrol on the “Getting to Yes” project.
Due to having Dyslexia Vickie had always found difficulty in reading and understanding which had become a major barrier, stopping her from getting work. Whilst on the project she received extra attention and support for her learning together with the moral support of her tutors and classmates. Vickie found people to believe in her and as a result, her confidence has flourished.

Through the ‘Getting to Yes’ project Vickie has worked hard to complete not only an NCFC Level 2 Award in Employability Skills but also the Level 3 Career Development Programme.

These achievements have greatly improved Vickie’s confidence and self-esteem and now she feels she can do anything she puts her mind to – so much so she has now gone on to become self-employed in coaching others in the health services.

Vickie now wants to help people achieve what she has as a result of the project.


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