M.A.G.I.C Case Study

Before I attended the 7-week MAGIC programme at Lewsey Farm Learning Centre (LFLC), I really thought it was going to be another strenuous attempt to engage young people my in the community; through simply sticking us all in the room and offering boring various workshops. Initially, I found out about the course through my local church who advised that I should go on the course, as it seem like it had a lot to offer – so I did – and with the added bonus of the course being free was appealing being young person; money is very hard to come by, seeing as I was currently looking for a part-time job. All in all, I felt a little bit nervous about what to expect but looked forward to prospects of what I could get out of the course.

From the very start of the course, my expectations were surpassed. From the very first session, I felt very comfortable speaking with the instructors called Ms. Samantha Mckay and Ms. Nikky Morgan who conducted the session in a very welcoming and approachable manner. As a result of this, I was able to gradually build a rapport with both workers that continued after the duration of the course. An example of this can be seen a recent job interview at New Look, where Ms Mckay helped me with crucial interviewing skills, as well as gave me constructive advice when completing an application form for the Citizen Advice Bureau in Luton  – which was brilliant as I managed to secure both positions. Nonetheless, on a personal level, Ms Morgan helped me to talk about some fears that I was having whilst during the course managing to reinforce my confidence – both of which I will be eternally grateful.

The really fantastic thing about this course was the skills that I have learnt in regards to the importance of; listening, motivation, assertiveness, goal-achievement, initiative and confident communication. All of which have been a great addition to my life, and I have no problem in remembering as we were given information packs to look over if we ever forgot what each part of the MAGIC acronym meant.