Projects 2016/ June 2017

Projects 2016/June 2017

Reducing Domestic Violence and Encouraging Positive Parenting 

The project has delivered positive parenting skills for parents, counselling workshops and offered intensive advice and counselling for young people. The parenting programme specifically designed to promote some of the protective factors associated with ‘good parenting’ such as, developing close and warm parent-child relationships; using methods of discipline that supports self-discipline in children; fostering self-esteem of children; Developing strategies to deal with risky situations; Managing Anger. We offered counselling for young people in developing goals for future prosper restoration of confidence and self-esteem to pursue lifelong ambitions and ultimately provide reconciliation, educational support to overcome underachieving.

The project has reached 45 in total. The project has increased the awareness of domestic violence, adult safety, children/young people safety within our communities. We were approached by a local secondary school and a referral unit based in Luton, our counsellor was giving specialist counselling to suit the needs of the young people. The project has reached various organisations and we have provided a workshop for counsellors  that are dealing with domestic violence to strengthen their career in order to give advice positively.  The project has enabled us to build a good collaborative relationship with local schools and community organisations. The project has increased safety for adults and young people in the community.


The Ravenhill Community Garden

The Ravenhill Community garden was abandoned and we were seeking for funding to develop as a community garden. The Tesco Bag of help funding enabled us to develop a large space for community and voluntary organisation. The funding was enabled to clear the overgrown wild area into a community access point to growing food and vegetables and did allow voluntary organisations to actively participate in growth initiatives.

The primary aim of the project was to prepare the land and engage local people to encourage and promote growth and also promote physical activities among the elderly and young people.

Feedback from participants about Ravenhill Community garden project

Tutor (Elaine) “People have definitely learnt gardening skills, from when they first started and were saying ‘I can’t do that’, now they are more confident to grow food and they learnt about seasonal changes and how to maintain the garden’.

Anthony (participant)  – Basically I learnt how to prepare the ground for planting, how to use the tools and sowing. The sessions were conducted by the qualified Tutor and she has motivated us to participate on regular basis.

Project lead (Imma) – New organisations have started to take part in developing the community garden.



The Lewsey Farm Tea Party one day event will be an opportunity for all of the community from a multitude of backgrounds, both socially and culturally to celebrate England in true British Style. The Tea Party will take place on 17th June 2017.


Saturday Supplementary School

Lewsey Supplementary School exists to promote the education welfare and positive aspiration of children and young people of Luton community by providing a safe place to learn and therefore helping to raise the educational attainment through the study support and educational and leisure provision. The Lewsey Supplementary School was started in 2011 by Sheryl Lindo-Mason, Immaculene Emil-Kumar and late Anthony Jules.

We aim to enable children and young people to enjoy and achieve by raising the self-esteem and self-confidence of those who attend the school, by celebrating and profiling cultural diversity and valuing each individual’s unique worth.

This project funded by Luton Borough Council through Supplementary School grants.

 The outcomes of this project: has increased educational standard amongst poorer children. They were offered the chance to attend lessons on a Saturday to help catch up with their educational needs. This project has helped children to achieved better in mainstream schools. 


Skills for Success – Futures and European Social Funding (ESF)

This project is targeting unemployed adults, who have very low literacy and numeracy skills.  The beneficiaries are likely to have poor – or even non-existent – skills at reading, and to have negative views of education and training. In addition, this project is providing gardening and cookery skills.

This project is currently ongoing and will be completed in June 2017.


Employability Skills project

This initiative is funded by Wiamtree and has engaged 23 learners on this project.

The outcome of the project;

• The project has helped unemployed to actively participate in useful activities and learning. 

• Explore the wider benefits of adult and community learning in relation to employability skills in addition to involvement with a local organisation through work experience and sharing and learning as one community.

• Review the ways in which looking for jobs and valuable work experience by taking part in work placements with local employers.

• A quick transition into a new job or the skills and confidence to continue looking for work on their own.