Introduction to Counselling workshop

The Introduction to Counselling workshop with top tips for parents will provide candidates with insights into counselling premises and foundations, involving definitions, basic understanding and initial identification of some counselling skills. The application of these skills and their development will then become part of the next stage of the counselling programme or training should the candidate wish to progress.

After the workshop, you will leave with knowledge of basic counselling skills and the ability to apply them. These counselling skills are of proven value to people from many personal and employment-related walks of life.

Having a good understanding of what counselling is and the ability to work within the skill set you will be introduced to will allow you to evaluate your own relationships and challenge you to use the skills.

The short-course format is an attractive and unthreatening icebreaker.

The purpose of the training is:

1. To give candidates a taste of counselling; its concepts and methods;
2. To provide the candidate with an introduction to basic counselling skills, and the beginnings of an understanding of counselling practices and their ethics.
3. That candidates will learn to identify basic counselling skills.
4. That candidate will have an understanding of top tips to apply to their own lives.

Please Note: This is a non-accredited accredited course designed to allow the learner to engage in the learning process a non-threatening and comfortable environment.

LFLCT has acknowledged that many individuals wishing to participate and those who may wish to re-enter into education as a mature adult, may have certain fears around doing so. We can guarantee a smooth and comfortable experience, and have no doubt apart from learning many new skills, learners will thoroughly enjoy their training and completion will mean you may wish to progress to the next stage of your training.

So, if you are interested in participating in this training, simply complete your application form.